Board Members


Elizabeth Ropers

Vice President

Helen Pollack


Chris Albanese


Harriet Rubenstein

Board of Directors

Barbara Bailey
Anne Bernstein
Susana Brizzi
Gloria Cosenza
Shoshanah Findling, Ph.D
Rhoda Friedland
Harold Kislik
Frank Mistero
Helen Pollack
Enid Schwarzbaum
Toby Stone, Esq.

Honorary Directors

Helen Beckelman
Jesse Mistero (dec)
Gertrude Rieur, ACSW (dec)
Dale Sarro (dec)
Louise Schindler, LCSW (dec)
Carrie Septimus (dec)
Marcia Siegler

Leadership Council

Frank Argento
Linda Barreira
Aleene Barash
Roberta Boyhan
Dr. Clifford J. Bryer
Anthony Capone
Sister Virginia Down, CSJ
Randi Kreiss
Hugh J. Mills
Yvonne Mowatt
Susan H. Pratt
Arlene J. Reo
Judge Stella Schindler
Joseph Schettino, Esq.
Craig Spatz
Rabbi Paula Winnig

Director Emerita

Bernice Levin

Executive Director

Paula S. Robinson

Become a Volunteer

The Five Towns Early Learning Center offers volunteer opportunities for members of the community. Volunteers from NCJW, Peninsula Section are an integral part of our program, coming weekly to work with the children. High-school students and those who need community service, can find volunteer opportunities here. If you enjoy being with young children, are interested in reading stories to children or would like to share your talents with us, please call the Center at 239-4660. Our volunteers find that what they get out of the experience for exceeds what they give.

How To Donate

Your generosity has a direct impact on the lives of young children. The Five Towns Early Learning Center is a not-for-profit (501c3) organization which depends on support from foundations, government agencies and individuals to fulfill its mission. Your donation is tax deductible in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service.

Five Towns Early Learning Center
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Tel: (516) 239-4660
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